“Wherever you stand. Be the soul of that place – Shree Hari Yoga”

Discover yoga in the land of yoga with a deeper philosophical and spiritual understanding.
*Please note that the spaces for our YTTC’s are limited to 15 students.
This is to ensure that our students receive the appropriate attention from our main teachers and best quality lectures
We offer different price tiers depending on when you sign up.  Look for our early bird prices to save money.  Sign up for our mailing list to hear about discounts and promotions. We offer the freshest, healthiest food available. Our meals are always vegetarian based.  Most dinners in restaurants have fish options if you want, and they are always cooked separate from the other food.  Any dairy, gluten or seafood meals are always separate.
Why should you come to Shree Hari Yoga school?
You will get an extremely high quality of welcomed into a community of people who choose a healthy, playful, creative lifestyle.
We hope you will be inspired to bring this home with you!